10 Fitness-Related Gifts for Christmas!

10 Gift Ideas for a Fitness Lover

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2018 Fitness-Related Gift Guide

It’s officially December, and I’m so excited to share some of my fitness-related gift ideas for Christmas 2018! I’m a fitness lover, so a lot of these ideas are some of my personal favorites or on my list for Christmas this year.

(1) 1/2 Inch Exercise Mat– I actually just ordered this mat and I am loving it!! I use exercise DVDs inside the house and have used a regular thin yoga mat, but it was uncomfortable for me at times since we have hard floors. The first time I used this mat, I was shocked at how comfortable it was! (Find it at Amazon)

(2) Cloud Running Shoes– I run mainly on the treadmill and I’ve been looking for a new running shoe. I’m very excited about these shoes since they are stated to have a ton of cushioning which is a necessity for me! I love lightweight shoes that have major cushioning and the pink is SO cute. This definitely an item I’m excited to try out. (Find it at  On Running Cloud Shoes)

(3) Adidas Duffel Bag– Every fitness lover needs a good gym bag to store their gear and this is my pick for this year’s wish list! I love the burgundy color and the fact that this bag has a ton of compartments. I don’t like totes that don’t have pockets or sections. (Find it at Amazon)

(4) Road Id-Shoe Id– This shoe id is a must for fitness lovers that are outside or on the go! This id buckles easily onto your shoelaces and includes vital information that can help in case of emergency. It’s engraved with up to 6 lines of custom text. If you’re a runner or walker, this can definitely come in handy! (Find it at Road Id)

(5) Luxe Victory Hoodie– It’s been getting colder as the months pass by and this hoodie is perfect for wearing on the go! I love the light grey heather with white since it’ll go great with everything. And- it’s got a faux-fur lining which is even better! (Find it at Athleta)

(6) Nike Tennis Cap– Since I don’t work-out at a set time of day, I never know what my hair will be like when I’m running errands. So, I love a good baseball hat for those post-workout hair days! You can’t go wrong with a black/white hat, but I’m eying the Purple Slate color! (Find it at Amazon)

(7) Balega Hidden Comfort Socks– I know I’m always wearing out my good socks for running, so more socks are always welcomed! I personally love Balega’s Hidden Comfort socks since they are not too thin and have a high heel tab. They always come in a variety of colors, which I love. (Find it at Amazon)

(8) Waist-Trainer Belt– I started using this belt during exercise this year and I absolutely love it! This belt has a ton of back support, which really helped me correct my posture when using weights and dumbells. I also run with this belt on the treadmill find it helps so much! This belt is super easy to strap on and it stays secure during exercise. I wear it over my shirts and am such a big fan! (Find it at Amazon)

(9) Neoprene Dumbells– I have a set of neoprene dumbbells in various weights and love using them with my exercise DVDs. These dumbells vary from 1 lb to 20 lbs and also come in great colors! (Find it at Amazon)

(10) Fitbit Versa Watch– I love FitBit and currently have a Charge 2 which I’m very happy with. This is on my wishlist as an upgrade from the Charge 2. I especially love the special edition lavender color! (Find it at Amazon)


I hope you find this list helpful when shopping for fitness-related gifts this year!


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  1. Awesome list! Thank you for sharing these idea. I am in fitness and have a lot of friends that are into it as well. it is always great to get more ideas!

  2. Thanks for sharing! These are awesome gifts that have sparked a few ideas for me!

  3. Great post! I need to get back into fitness… next years New Years resolution haha will definitely be looking up some of these 😁

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