5 Tips For A Successful Interview

Interviews are never fun, but I hope that by sharing some of my tips you can coast through your next interview with confidence!

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Interview Prep Tips

Know Your Resume

I like to re-read my resume the day before or on of the day of my interview. During an interview, you are basically expanding on what you’ve listed on your resume so it’s always good to refresh your memory. I try to think of different ways to highlight my work experience. If the job description describes a specific skill set, then I know that I definitely want to speak about something listed on my resume that utilizes that skill set.


I always try to rehearse my answers to possible questions before an interview. I’ll even rehearse in the car on the way to the meeting! It helps get the nerves out and then you feel more confident. If you can anticipate what the interviewers will ask, then you can plan your answers accordingly. I always prepare a quick summary about myself (who I am, my education and certifications, years of experience). Speaking about yourself is never fun, but rehearsing definitely helps me feel confident and prepared.


I always do my research before an interview. This includes looking at the company’s website and social media. If the interviewers bring up a special event or project, you can then comment on it or share your opinion. By being well-informed, you are showing that you definitely want to be a part of the company. Most of the time, at the end of an interview, I am asked if I have any questions. This is when I will bring up anything that I saw on the website or social media. I’ll either ask questions about a project or offer my congratulations on a special event.

Stay Calm

I always get the jitters before an interview, but over the years I’ve found some calming methods that help me! A good night’s sleep is amazing and will definitely help me feel well-rested before the big day. If possible, I prefer to schedule interviews in the morning. For me, if an interview is in the afternoon, I’ll just worry about it all day long! Sometimes, I don’t have a choice in the timing of an interview so I turn to deep breathing. Try to get a spare moment before you walk in and just close your eyes and take a deep breath. I like to tell myself that I’m confident, prepared, and ready for the interview and then walk in!

Be Confident

I always want to be confident during the interview, so I do several things that help me personally. I always double-check the location of the interview (what room number, etc), the names of the interviewers, and bring a copy of my resume. I do this so when I arrive, I’m not fumbling in my phone looking for names and locations. By walking in confidently, you’re off to a good start! When I meet with interviewers, I always try to have a strong handshake and make eye contact with everyone. Take out your resume when the interview starts, sometimes just having it in front of you will help you answer questions. When I answer questions, I always like to look at everyone in the room and have a smile on my face. End the interview with a “Thank you so much for meeting with me today” line.

At the end of the day, think of an interview as just a conversation!

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    1. Yes- and sometimes when I rehearse my CV, I find areas that can be improved or edited! So it works out great either way.

    1. Yes! Those are the two hardest things for me also! You never know what can happen in an interview, so it can be super nerve wracking.

  1. This is such a helpful post Britni! Doing your research beforehand is such a good suggestion, the more prepared we feel, the calmer and less stressful the interview is. Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas <3 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    1. Thanks so much! 🙂

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