Reading with the Libby App!

I am an avid reader and I definitely have purchased my share of books from Amazon! But, I’ve been utilizing my local library’s FREE resources. My favorite library resource by far is the “Libby”app!

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By using the Libby app, you can borrow thousands of free books and audiobooks! I find that the app is totally user friendly and very easy to learn. If you prefer to read through your Kindle app, Libby can actually send these library books or audiobooks to your Kindle app.

I’m always browsing my online library and putting books on hold or adding them to my shelf. Plus, I can see my previous activity which I LOVE! They have added tags, (thumbs up or thumbs down).

The online library is extremely easy to browse and can be filtered by categories. They also have special categories and collections For instance, there’s the “Page to Screen” collection, which holds titles that have been made into movies.

As for audiobooks, I love to download one or two and listen whenever I’m traveling in the car or on a plane ride!

One final plus is that I’ve probably saved a ton of money by utilizing my local library’s resources!! So, check out your local library and download the Libby app!
*Libby is made and provided by OverDrive.


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  1. This actually sounds amazing for those who want to read more but don’t necessarily have the budget to constantly buy or download new books. Great way to make reading more accessible x


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